movie clips
To play the following music clips you will need to have a Windows Media Player installed into your PC.

Promotion Clip
The most well known promotion video clip of Rez. A very speedy flick with lots of short cuts of inplay sequences edited together. Also gives you a good long chance to enjoy the background music.
2min.9sec./320x240 / 30fps / 44.1KHz / Stereo / WindowsMedia Format / 9.6Mb / Download(ZIP archive) / ISDN:approx.30min. / ADSL(1.5M):approx.1min.30sec.

Rez Live
The live performance by Mr. Mizuguchi at the PLAY STATION2 Party held in the Shibuya AX on June 27th, 2001. This performance by Rez producer and creator Mr. Mizuguchi himself was the first time Rez appeared in front of the general public.
2min.42sec./320x240 / 30fps / 44.1KHz / Stereo / WindowsMedia Format / 13.3Mb / Download(ZIP archive) / ISDN:approx.42min. / ADSL(1.5M):approx.2min.15sec.

Rez Live and More...
Still more scenes from the Rez live and bits of information on the game introduced by subtitles under the screen. There is also a sequence that shows the Trance Vibrator in action.
3min.5sec./320x240 / 30fps / 44.1KHz / Stereo / WindowsMedia Format / 14.8Mb / Download(ZIP archive) / ISDN:approx.45min. / ADSL(1.5M):approx.2min.30sec.