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Every sound in Rez such as the sound effects of the laser beam or the sound of locking on to a target is programmed to instantly synchronize with the background music. Even if the player mistakenly pushes a button, that sound will also join the other sounds produced by the game in perfect harmony.
All this will happen by simply controlling the player character. The music will dramatically change in tune and rhythms all during the game, which is just like remixing the music in your original way every time you play Rez. In order to further this effect we have asked various artists of club music to join the production of Rez.

Coldcut is an unit formed by Jonathan More and Matt Black. Right from the beggining with their debut single in '87 "Say Kids, What Time Is It?" (the first UK album to use sampling), all the way to the production of the video sample soft VJamm in the late 90s, Coldcut has constantly been releasing music that crossover many genres, mainly from their own indies label "Ninja Tune". In '97, they released their fourth album "Let Us Play" that accompanied a CD-ROM which contained video clips, information, games and sound programming. They also presented an astonishing live performance at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan this summer where sound and visual effects completely synchronized with each other.

Joujouka is a new wave trance band formed by DJ Tsuyoshi. They released their first album "JOUJOUKA" worldwide in '98 and set out to accomplish their European live tour. Current members are Minoru Tsunoda (FUNKY GONG/guitar and base) and Mitsumoto (SINISTER ASSOCIATION/programming). They have been performing alternative live performances all over Japan with guest musicians joining with the turntable, guitars, synthesizer and percussion along with the regular three members. Their long awaited second album "NEW ASIANS" has just been released this last December.

With a deep background of house music, Adam Freeland is well-known around the world as the newcomer of New-School Breaks. His DJ style which is based on a deep house set with essences of hiphop and electro has become even more original with beats influenced by techno and drum'n bass mixed in. Also managing his own private label Marine Parade, he is the foremost leader of the constantly evolving UK Breakbeats. His newest release, the DJ Mix CD ''ON TOUR" (Marine Parade) has enjoyed tremendous praise. He also performed at Akasaka Blitz of Tokyo, Japan this December.

After making his DJ debut in London in '93, Tsuyoshi established his label "Matsuri Production" in '95 and continued his DJ tour around the world, amazing the audience with his legendary performance as the "Trance DJ who made the world dance". In the year 2000,, Tsuyoshi moved his base to Tokyo and began his monthly regular party "Tokio Drome", while creating his own unit JOUJOUKA, and establishing two new labels "MAD SKIPPERS" and "FEEDBACK REC". His newest releases are the DJ MIX CD "TOKYO TRANCE UNDERGROUND"(RTTS) and "BREAK THE SYSTEM DOWN"(FEEDBACK).B

A member of WAVE MASTER, Sugiyama is a game music creator who is also a member of "The Synthesizers" with Kera of Uchouten and Shunichi Miura,
"Love Furniture Lounge Bears" with Masaaki Taniguchi (Shounen-Maruta),
Lionmerry and Tadashi Matsumoto. He is also a contributing member of other bands such as Young 100V, Kowloon Plug and Gabba-Ments. As well as making music, Keiichi is the creator of humorous digital instruments such as the MIDI Bullworker, the Recordpad and the Black Phone Microphone. He is well known for his work on "Eternal Arcadia (DC)", "DAYTONA USA 2001(DC)", and other video games.