@ @ story

A enormous rise in the human population.
A computer network so large that nothing can control it.
A system overloaded with network crimes floating in the blink of corruption

With the introduction of the new central processor "Project-K", and the birth of "Eden", the system finally seemed to start moving toward completion.
But during procession of the almost eternal amount of information lying within the network, Eden starts to doubt the very existence of itself and it's purpose, finally dropping into a unwakable sleeping state because of the many paradoxes that exist within the human world.
The player sets out on a journey to find "Eden" hiding somewhere in the visualized cyberworld created by the network. The cyberworld continually changes its form as it is hacked over and over again by outside forces.
Will you be able to destroy all firewalls infected by the computer viruses and wake "Eden" from its long sleep?