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Voices from the Creators
We asked each member of the Rez staff to tell us what they were feeling now that they have finished the production of Rez.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi / producer
This is only the beginning. Rez will continue to evolve.

Jun Kobayashi / director 
It was really exhausting but I do think we've made something worth it. I hope to create something like this that I can recommend to everybody the next time too. Look forward to our next game!

Ryutaro Sugiyama / graphic designer
I believe Rez is a game that pursues a concept that will last for ages to come. Keep pursuing and keep us entertained! Yeah, Rez!

Ryuichi Hattori / chief technical officer
The pre-production was incredibly difficult, it being our first PS2 game soft and all ... I still can't believe we were able to come this far! That's truly what I'm feeling right now. Good work, everyone!

Mineko Okamura / senior assistant producer
I'm thankful and proud to be one of the members to join the ride all the way from production to promotion of Rez. This game would have never been made if we had even lost one single staff member. It is a software that is a product of a miracle equivalence of talent resulting in an unique chemical reaction. I also have a lot of private episodes concerning the production of Rez, and it has become a very special game for me. I hope a lot of people will be able to play Rez, and I really think they should! Please don't judge it singularly by it's appearance. Play it first and you'll see what I mean!

Katsuhiko Yamada / game designer
Exhausting but worthwhile. Play it if it caught your attention.

Hiroyuki Abe / planner
This experience in creating Rez has opened new windows in music and games for me. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to try it too.

Yu Omura / assistant director
It taught me many many many things.

Jake Kazdal / graphic designer
This was a very long, very challenging project.  I learned a LOT, made some great friends, and  I think it turned out very well. I am very happy to  hear people who have played it say how much they love it.  I believe we have shown that game is art!

Osamu Hori / technical director
I was really afraid it wouldn't work as a game at first. So I'm grateful that we were able to actually finish it. We were also not used with the Play Station2 and it was very difficult to attain a high performance. I'm just glad it all fitted into one disk.

Mitsuru Takahashi / chief programmer
It was really LONG.

Yasuo Yukimoto / programmer
Tired is all I can say.

Keiichi Noda / programmer
Good work, everyone, good work.

Osamu Kodera / programmer
Yeah, boomboomboomboom. v(^o^)v

Katsumi Yokota / art director & lead artist
I was able to reconfirm to myself that it is always a real hard job to create something for someone. It's almost a miracle when anything is actually finished. Creating something that everyone loves is so unbelievably difficult, that if you just look away for a moment, something slips away from you. Rejection never moves anything forward. Endless approval is what moves things forward. Approving is far more harder than denying something. It was an endless year and a half of getting lost and believing that we will find the correct road again and again. Shaping an abstract image into a worthily product. Finding the road together in the continent of possibilities, and reaching that goal together. There was lots of things that were not perfect but those things alone made my experience in creating Rez a priceless one.
To the people who chose to experience Rez. Thank you very much. If you are able to truly enjoy this game, that would make me really happy. Thanks to everyone!

Hideaki Takamura / graphic designer 
The production of Rez was so challenging and so fun in every aspect of the word. I'll probably never be able to experience this much miracles happen at the same time. I was so lucky to share this experience. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way!! Thank you to everyone on the team!! Thank you to the director! And thank you, boss! It was all a great experience.

Noboru Hotta / graphic designer
I can't forget the shock I experienced when I first played the beta version of Rez.

Yasuhiko Matsuzaki / graphic designer 
Did it! Finished it! Together with everybody! Thanks!!

Haruka Yoshida / graphic designer 
One day late in the production, I was debugging the game in a half-asleep state and suddenly found myself thinking "I'm so lucky to be in this project". It was really a casual thought, but I still feel the same way. Great respect and appreciation to all the people who created Rez and played it. Peace.

Tomohiro Sawada /
The summer of 2001 was a hot one!

Koji Sakurai (Cubisme)  
Well, out at last! Congratulations! I was the one who obsessively played my appointed area while sound checking the game. It really caught me by heart. There was a million things I didn't understand, but a lot of people on the project team helped me out and I'm really grateful for that. Thank you very much!

Fumitaka Shibata (Wave Master)  
To the players: Your enjoying this game is our greatest pleasure.
To the staff: Thank you for your help and understanding.

Keiichi Sugiyama (Wave Master)  
I'm Sugiyama, the man responsible for the sounds of Rez. I participated in designing the basic structure of the sound system of Rez, wrote the score and created the sound effects. Since there has never been anything like this game before, everything was made from scratch, but I tried as hard as I can to achieve the ultimate effects of each sound down to the last flash of every laser beam fired. Dense reverbs, continuos delays, and passionate flangers. Experience the surge of sounds showering over you when you play the game!

Tatsuya Yukizaki(Wave Master)
There was a lot of frightening moments along the way, but it was all a lot of fun! If this game makes you feel happy or attracts you in some way, it will make me very happy.

Masahiro "magic" Kobayashi / promotion art director
Since the project took a very long time to finish, I'm sure it was all very hard work for everybody involved. On a personal level, I participated in the early stages of promotion and designed the product package. It was a great experience to be able to join a project with so much energy involved.

Masaya Hiroishi (Third-Ear Japan) / artist coordination 
I have participated in several projects such as "TGNG" "MC Mario" "Ghost in the Shell" in trying to make the worlds of games and clubs come together as one. But this "Rez" I think is beggining to accomplish it in a global scale. I believe it will continue to grow. I'm excited to wait and see where it is heading.

Masashi Ogata (AMS Co., ltd.) 
Thank you for letting me join in such a great project. I haven't been excited as this for a long time. Hope to be able to join you all again in a project as great as this one.